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20061221 T 21:37

Periodic inconsistencies

Apparently the opinions about the new icons for Adobe CS3 products are strong and varied.

As for me, I have a little personal nitpick that I haven’t yet seen elsewhere: a disturbing inconsistence in naming conventions. In particular, that regarding Illustrator: why, oh, why its is the only icon in which the “A” from Adobe is present?

Yes, I know, the extension for the file format itself is .ai, the name itself is not a compound of two words, and so on.

But, let aside the fact that Illustrator is maybe one of the less likely candidate as a flagship product, I suspect that the real reason of this naming anomaly is that it would have been difficult to cram a single icon with something like APsLr.

And, speaking of Adobe naming inconsistencies, there’s another that bite me daily:

[Adobe Illustrator, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader, 26 other apps and, then, InDesign]

In the long forgotten days of non-X systems I would have promptly renamed the offender, but somehow, the big cats don’t allow the same level of confidence in non breaking things with actions apparently so mundane.

Update: It seems that I'm not alone in this (via Daring Fireball).


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20061219 T 18:31

CSS Mastery iPod Giveaway

Dear Father Christmas,

do you prefer to being called Santa? Well, as they say, de gustibus non disputandum est.

Anyway, I’m going to explain why you should bring me down that chimney a brand spanking new copy of CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions from the esteemed authors Andy Budd, Cameron Moll and Simon Collison.

You see, this precious tome is in English and since doesn’t yet exist an Italian translation (and, by the way, if such thing could be made, it will be ready just in time for the release of Internet Explorer 9, and it will be an awful translation anyway) it is crystal clear that I need it now and I need it badly.

You can see it by yourself: please, look around, be my guest, read something. It’s self evident that I deserve a better understanding both of the English language and of CSS!

Not convinced yet? Let’s put it this way: this present would be a collective one. That is, if you give me the book, many people will benefit from the deal. Even now, friends and acquaintances turn to me for tips and wisdom about both English and CSS (go figure!) so, through this book I will be able to enlighten many people with the real wisdom of authorities.

So, dear Santa, thank you very much for this unexpected (but I must say, well deserved) gift. See you next year.

Yours truly


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20061207 T 16:39


I'm wondering if that piece of hardware from that soft company will continue to be on the top headlines until they manage to come up with a less horrible version.

Remember: any publicity is good publicity.


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