Trying out the Universal Internet Explorer 6 CSS.

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20100123 T 21:02

Coming Together

I submitted an ampersand to Font Aid IV.

You can too.

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20100121 T 19:12

The name of the tablet

My bet is on iBook.
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20090613 T 00:20

Where in the world…

…is Menlo?

World class cities, indeed!

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20090601 T 11:08


Do you know what really got my nerves about the new M$ search engine?

The horizontally stretched (or was it vertically compressed?) type of the logo.

It reminds me of the horribly deformed images of the nineties' web.

Update: Brand New agrees.

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20080911 T 10:51


It seems that we'll have to wait until 2012.
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20080209 T 19:26

What is Graphic Design?

[Six Steps]

Six Steps, inserito originariamente da riccard0.

My feeble entry for Veerle’s What is Graphic Design Poster Competition.

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20071124 T 10:28

Camino Metamark AppleScript

It seems that Metamark is the new TinyURL.

Since I can’t really like Safari, I hacked a slightly different version of Jason Snell's AppleScript in order to use it with my browser of choice.

So, without further ado, here it is:

tell application "Camino"
 set longURL to URL of current tab of window 1
end tell

set shellScript to ("curl --url \"" & longURL & "\" ")

set shortURL to (do shell script shellScript)

set the clipboard to shortURL

This AppleScript should get the url of the active tab in your frontmost window in Camino, pass it to Metamark and insert the shortened version in the clipboard, ready to be pasted.

Please keep in mind that it is my first ever AppleScript, so I cannot guarantee that it works on your system, nor help you debug it.

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I Love Camino!

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